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CodePros Team

CodePros is a cybersecurity and software consultancy, offering comprehensive security solutions to organizations of all sizes. The company delivers expert consulting services in various domains of information security, including Vulnerability Management Automation, Application Security Instrumentation, Network Analysis, and Deep Packet Inspection.

What sets CodePros apart is its particular expertise in the specialized areas of enterprise and industrial control systems security. The company’s services go beyond typical cybersecurity offerings to cater to unique security requirements across different industries.

At the helm of CodePros is its founder and CEO, Benji. With a broad skill set and extensive experience in information security, Benji serves as a force multiplier, ensuring that CodePros provides robust, tailored solutions. This ensures clients have a high level of resilience against cyber threats, allowing them to grow and scale securely.

CodePros’ goal is to address the growing demand for advanced cybersecurity services and help businesses protect their assets and data. With a strong commitment to excellence and constant innovation, CodePros aims to be a leader in the field, providing unmatched value to its clients.

Benji Vesterby

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Benji is a cybersecurity expert with a wide-ranging knowledge base in various domains of information security. His expertise spans from Vulnerability Management Automation to Application Security Instrumentation—including both Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) and Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP). Additionally, he is highly skilled in Network Analysis and Deep Packet Inspection, critical techniques for safeguarding network security and integrity.

Benji’s extensive knowledge extends into the arenas of data engineering, artificial intelligence, and computer vision. His proficiency in these areas enables him to create sophisticated cybersecurity solutions, employing advanced technologies to detect and neutralize threats. As an adept data engineer, he understands the significance of structuring and processing vast amounts of data securely. In the realm of artificial intelligence, Benji utilizes machine learning algorithms and AI models to predict, identify, and respond to cyber threats swiftly and accurately. His expertise in computer vision, a field of AI that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world, adds another layer to his multifaceted cybersecurity approach, especially relevant in security systems that require visual recognition and interpretation.

In addition to his expertise in these cutting-edge domains, Benji brings comprehensive knowledge of the broader field of computer science, making him a versatile problem-solver in the cybersecurity landscape. His ability to understand and adapt to the dynamic nature of cyber threats is testament to his solid foundational skills in computer science principles and his continuous learning ethos.

Moreover, his proficiency extends to the specific security needs of enterprise and industrial control systems, showcasing his ability to cater to diverse security requirements across different industries. The breadth and depth of his skills are embodied in the robust, tailored solutions he creates, demonstrating his unique understanding of the cybersecurity landscape.

Recognizing the increasing demand for his comprehensive skill set across multiple companies, Benji is a force multiplier in the cybersecurity industry. His ability to ensure a high level of resilience against cyber threats makes him an invaluable asset for any organization aiming to fortify their cybersecurity measures. His ultimate goal remains to help businesses protect their assets and data, enabling them to grow and scale securely.

Caleb Mathis

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Caleb Mathis is a highly skilled Cybersecurity and Process Engineering Specialist who excels in addressing the specific needs of the energy and oil and gas industries. He currently operates as an independent consultant, leveraging a distinctive combination of technical proficiencies and sector-specific knowledge to deliver bespoke solutions to his clients.

Mathis launched his career in the energy industry, holding the position of Chemical Engineer at Exxon and Chevron. His work involved a broad range of responsibilities including control logic development, auditing, hazard operations, capital project management, and control system design for refinery and offshore oil rig operations. Through these roles, he gained a deep understanding of the industry’s intricate complexities and unique compliance requirements.

He further diversified his skills by incorporating cybersecurity into his repertoire, transitioning to a role at the Tennessee Valley Authority. There, he deftly intertwined his engineering expertise with cybersecurity protocols, leading architecture reviews, coordinating cyber incident responses, and correlating operational states with potential cyber events. This position significantly enhanced his comprehension of industry-specific procedures and system vulnerabilities.

In his tenure at Dragos, Inc. as a Principle Researcher, Mathis expanded his knowledge of the interplay between physical and digital security in the energy sector. His responsibilities included control system and protocol research, while capitalizing on his process engineering and cybersecurity background for engagement scoping and optimization.

Additionally, Mathis honed his skills in academia, instructing a wireless penetration testing class at STAG. He spent two years as a content engineer at the industrial startup, Synsaber, where he focused on automating pcap dissection to compliance mappings utilizing golang.

Mathis’s unique convergence of sector-specific experience and technical prowess allows him to identify and anticipate the unique compliance requirements of clients in the energy and oil and gas industries. His approach is proactive and research-driven, adeptly identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, and designing comprehensive, tailor-made cybersecurity strategies.

Charisse Vesterby

Charisse Vesterby, Ph.D., M.S., is a highly skilled data scientist and a compelling data storyteller. She brings over a decade of experience in the field of statistics and data analytics, demonstrating a robust understanding of machine learning and proficiency in the Python programming language. Her career is marked by her unique ability to convey complex data findings through narrative and visual presentation techniques, making her an asset to any business seeking to leverage data-driven decision-making.

During her tenure at CopperPoint Insurance Companies, Charisse displayed her capability to work collaboratively with various stakeholders, aligning their needs and requirements to her data analysis. Her hands-on experience with the development of predictive models, feature engineering, and application of a multitude of data science techniques from ANOVA to PCA and machine learning libraries such as scikit-learn, attests to her expertise.

Charisse’s background also extends to academia, where she earned her Ph.D. and Master’s degree in Physical and Biological Anthropology from Arizona State University. Her work in academia culminated in several publications focusing on human evolution and population history, a testament to her ability to analyze and interpret complex data sets.

With her proficiency in French, Charisse has demonstrated her versatility, bringing a global perspective to her work. Her achievements have been recognized through awards such as the Fulbright Scholarship and Phi Beta Kappa. With her impressive skill set and proven ability to deliver actionable insights from data, Charisse stands poised to make a significant impact in the field of data science.