Programming & Mobile Applications

Programing & Mobile Applications

The Capital Area Carter Center programming class is focused on learning multiple programming languages. Programming & Mobile Applications is a 1-2 year class that you can take for a little over a couple of hours a day. Throughout the day you learn different programming languages and work on different projects.

Proggraminng Students

Class Work

Showcase Presentation

Showcase Project

Students Working

Workring in Class

Tetris Game

Tetris Game

First Year

  • Python - Begineer Language

  • Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Mobile Development With Java

  • Business Profesionals of America

  • Programming Robots

  • Job Fair Pratice

  • Resume, Cover letters, Project Development

  • Showcase - Student Projects

Second Year

  • Business Profesionals of America

  • Software Development Team

  • Team Project Compeitions

  • Website Design Team

  • Advanced Game Design

  • Advanced Game Programming

  • Independent Project Development